NAA Memorial Bench


The finished bench in the USAF Museum's Memorial Park

Many of you know about the efforts of Ed Rusinek and Nolan Leatherman with regard to funding a memorial bench at Wright-Patterson. This is a chance to memorialize all of the divisions at an honored location that will not be threatened by the wrecking ball.  

19 APR 2014 Update - Ed Rusinek informs that a memorial bench will soon be arriving at Pensacola and another bench will be on the way to KSC!

27 APR 2013 Update - Thanks to the generosity of the members, there is additional funding to consider a memorial at Pensacola, too. Ed reports that he is in communication with the base commander and that a site has already been selected.

14 AUG 2013 Update - Word has reached us that the NAA Memorial Bench at the Air Force Museum in Dayton HAS BEEN OFFICIALLY DEDICATED in the museum's Memorial Park.  We will post any other photos here if they become available.  Look for your September, 2013 issue of the Bulletin for additional pictures. Now, work will turn to a similar effort for the Navy at Pensacola.

06 FEB 2013 Update - At the last Bald Eagles Board meeting, Ed Rusinek reported that we have achieved the funding goal for the bench at Wright-Patt and production of the bench is moving forward.  Thanks to all who donated.